Our Staff

Today, all of our success would not be possible if not for having such dedicated, loyal, and passionate staff who all share the fun and excitement of being apart of this friendly family tradition.

Tonia, Bruce, Kimberly & Sandie
(Sue, Julie, Sal, Sam, Rennia and Diane not pictured)

Also, a big thank you to Carol, a loving Mother & Grandmother, for all of her love, dedication, and helpfulness throughout the years.


Our beloved shop cat, Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty originally came into our Gibsonburg store around opening day in 2005. She is a beautiful girl and charming in every way. However, consider yourself lucky if she graces you with her presence as she is a very private business gal.

Also, joining our furry staff is Little Miss Iris!

Many have visited for the first time as customers, ALL leave knowing they will be coming back time and again, but mostly knowing they have found very helpful, sincere, knowledgeable FRIENDS.

We invite you to visit our store and experience our down-home friendship.